Growth Technology CSS (Clonex Clone Solution)

by Growth Technology


Why take your chances and grow from seed if you have a healthy and robust plant, full of potential cuttings with genetically identical characteristics to the ‘mother’ plant? CLONEX GEL and CCS (Clonex Clone Solution) are an absolute must if you want your plants to get the best possible start in life. 

Clonex Clone Solution is the result of extensive horticultural research and is designed to work together with GT Clonex Rooting Gel and other rooting agents for outstanding results. GT Clone Solution contains specific micro nutrients and root enhancing agents, carefully formulated to initiate and nourish new root cells. Unlike competitive products, Clonex Clone Solution is highly concentrated. This proudly Australian innovation is responsible for over 4 billion clones the world over, and still counting!

How to Use GT CCS Clone Solution?

  • Dilute CCS at a rate of 5ml per litre of water.
  • Gently water cuttings and seedlings with diluted CCS at weekly intervals.
  • As the plant advances in growth the dilution rate can be increased slowly up to 10ml per litre.
  • DO NOT EXCEED 10ml per litre of water.        
  • 250ml


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