The shipping terms and conditions within Section 1 apply to the shipping of plants only. For shipping terms of our other products (that are not plants), please see our 'Standard Shipping' section below in Section 2.


Section 1 : Shipping of Living Plants

1.1. Buyer's Risk

  • Plants are living organisms and they, like us humans, prefer not to be packed into a dark box with packaging tape, tissues, bubble wrap and shredded paper and thrown into the back of a truck or airplane en route to a new home. For this reason, we prefer that you pick your plants up from our store or have us deliver them to you (5km radius from our store).
  • We understand that we may have a plant or two that you just have to have but visiting us at the store is just impossible. For this reason, we are willing to ship to make these plants more accessible.
  • By purchasing a plant from Offshoot and electing to have it shipped by us (i.e. packed into a box and released into the postal system), it is you, the buyer that is assuming the potential risk associated with having a live plant transported. 
  • As responsible sellers, we will do everything within our power to make sure your plants are packed well to withstand transit stress. If we know there may be delays with logistics or if the weather will be less than ideal (too hot or too cold), we will choose to delay dispatch. 
  • Sometimes things do not go according to plan and unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for factors that are beyond our control. These factors include :
    • shipping delays caused by Australia Post
    • lost packages caused by Australia Post (unless we make an error with the address)
    • box damage caused by Australia Post
    • weather related damage caused by Mother Nature
    • plant shock caused by Mother Nature
    • yellowing leaves caused by Mother Nature
    • travel stress 
    • death 
    • Please understand and research your plant before purchasing. Some plants do not travel well, whilst others may. Whilst we strive for excellence in packing to ensure safe transit, if a plant is stressed or in shock, it will droop or drop its leaves during transit or after it reaches its destination. We are not responsible for the health of your plant after it has been shipped but we are always here to help with advice to nurse it back to full health if it is looking a little unhappy. If your plant does suffer from any shock please give it time to recover and adapt to its new environment.

    1.2. Interstate Shipping (WA, TAS, NT)

    •  Unfortunately, due to some restrictions, we are unable to ship our plants directly to other states (WA, TAS and NT).                                        
    1.3. Collection from the store in Seddon
    • Items ordered from a Victorian address can elect to pick up their plants from our store in Seddon at no additional charge, provided it is picked up within 5 days from when you are notified that your plant is ready to be picked up.
    • Pick up hours are Tuesdays to Friday 10-4, Saturday, 10-3 and Sunday 10-3. We are closed on Mondays.
    • Due to the limited space we have in store, we are unable to hold and care for plants past their 5th day. Plants left here past their 5th day will be placed in the back area to make room for new floor stock. This area can go unattended for days and will be left there at buyer's risk.

    1.4. Local Delivery

    • If your delivery address is within a 5km radius from our Seddon Store (Seddon VIC 3011), you can elect to have us locally deliver your order to you after from Tuesday - Friday (10am to 3pm) for a $10 charge. A minimum spend of $100 applies.

    1.5 International Shipping

    • Unfortunately we are unable to ship plants abroad.

    1.6. Shipping Schedule

    • All plants are shipped using the , via Australia Post, once a week on Tuesday in order to keep transit times to a minimal. Therefore your plant will be posted the following Tuesday after you make your purchase. We will not process or ship on any other day regardless of state or location unless items are being picked up from our store in Seddon. Items must be purchased and paid for by Sunday 12pm to be sent in the upcoming weekly send off. If you make your purchase after this time, your item will be scheduled for the following Tuesday.
    • If you have purchased both plants and other products from our store that are not plants, your plants will be sent separately from the rest of your order and you will be charged accordingly for the additional shipping required at checkout.
    • All packages generally arrive within 2 – 5 days after being dispatched depending on your location, however please keep in mind that these are guidelines laid out by and subject to Australia Post and therefore we cannot be held responsible for any delays or damage caused once we release the package to Australia Post. Tracking is provided at the end of the day once items have been dispatched.

    1.7. Shipping Rates & Combining Shipping

    • Our promise is to save you time and money wherever possible by keeping delivery costs fair, low and fully transparent.
    • In order to keep your costs down and our pricing simple, delivery is free for Offshoot customers within Australia if you spend $220 or more on full priced items in one transaction*. Please do note our exclusions to this Free Shipping Offer below.

     Shipping for Plant

    2-5 Business days

    $12 on orders < $200 on plants


    Shipping for Plants


    2-5 Business Days

    Free on orders > $200 on plants


    1.8. Plant Packing & Packaging

    • We take great pride in our packing and packaging skills and always pack with utmost care to ensure your plants reach you safely and in one piece. 
    • All plants are inspected for general health and disease before shipping and are always photographed just before it is being packed, as it is being packed and once it is packed for our documentation purposes. If you require these photos, you can request them via email.
    • On most instances, plants will be sent in their nursery pots to minimise any disturbance to the root system (i.e. in the same medium that we received from our supplier). Occasionally we may have to send plants bare-rooted, wrapped with damp sphagnum moss. This varies on a case by case basis so if you wish to have your order sent a particular way, please contact us before placing your order to ensure we can meet your requirements.
    • All plants are secured to their box using tape and zip ties. Additional paper towels, bubble wrap and tissues are used to minimise movement and reduce stress during transit.
    • In an effort to do our part for the environment, we do reuse and recycle all packing materials that we receive.

    1.9. 'The Plant In The Photo'

    • On most occasions, we will have multiples of a particular plant in a particular size. Where this is the case, the plant that has been photographed and displayed in the plant listing, will not be the actual plant you will receive but an example of the plant you will be receiving and is most likely to come from the same batch. Therefore slight variances in leaf numbers or slight blemishes on some leaves are to be expected. 
    • As a guide, we do explicitly state on each plant listing whether the plant in the photo is the one for sale or whether it is an example. 
    • The approximate pot size and the height of the plant is outlined on each plant listing alongside at least three photos showing different angles. It is your responsibility to ensure you check all photos, measurements and description prior to purchasing.

    1.10. Excluded Plants

    • Unfortunately we are unable to ship large plants anywhere in Australia.  Whilst they can be ordered online for store pick up or local delivery, we will not ship a large plant. Orders that include these 'Large Plants' in their order and are not being picked up from the store or being locally delivered will be automatically cancelled and voided without notification. 


    Section 2 : Shipping Of Products

    These shipping terms and conditions apply to the sale of non plant items only. 

    2.1. Shipping Schedule

    • Standard orders placed Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays and peak periods such as Christmas) are processed and shipped within two business days. In the event there are fulfilment issues, we will be in contact within 48 hours to discuss them with you. Standard orders placed on holidays or on the weekend are processed and shipped within three business days.
    • You will receive an email notification when your order has been dispatched, to help you track your items.
    • If you are not at your place of residence during the hours of 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday, we recommend you provide a suitable daytime delivery address to avoid delays or mail redirections. This is important for all deliveries, which require a signature upon receipt and extremely important for customers who live in an apartment complex. 

      2.2. Shipping Carriers & Addresses

      • As we use couriers to dispatch orders, couriers are unable to deliver to your post office box or parcel lockers (unless you live in regional/remote Australia) as they are unable to access these facilities. Please DO NOT provide a PO Box, Parcel Locker or Post Office as your shipping address (unless Australia Post has explicitly agreed to accept your parcel for you - only applicable for remote postcodes). Doing so will only cause delays as we will need to reach out to you to obtain a suitable street address prior to dispatch.
      • If you live within an apartment complex and are not home when the courier attempts delivery, you will be carded to collect the consignment at the courier's nearest depot or may be charged at your own cost to have the consignment redelivered. We will not be responsible for any additional charges for redelivery.

        2.3. Shipping Rates 

        Our promise is to save you time and money wherever possible by keeping delivery costs fair, low and fully transparent.

        In order to keep your costs down and our pricing simple, delivery is free for Offshoot customers within Australia if you spend $150 or more on full priced items in one transaction*. Please do note our exclusions to this Free Shipping Offer below.

        In an effort to do our part for the environment, we do reuse and recycle all packing materials that we receive.

        Standard Shipping for small parcels


        3-7 business days

        $12 on orders < $150

        Free Standard Shipping for small parcels


        3-7 business days

        FREE on orders > $150.
        *Exclusions Apply

        Light Bulky / Fragile parcels


        1-5 business days


        Bulky / Heavy Cartons 


        1-5 business days

        Unable to ship

        Light Bulky / Fragile smaller parcels

        NSW, ACT, SA & TAS

        2-4 business days

        Bulky / Heavy Cartons (per carton)

        NSW, ACT, SA & TAS

        2-4 business days
        Unable to ship

        Light Bulky / Fragile smaller parcels

        WA, QLD

        7-12 business days

        Bulky / Heavy Cartons (per carton)

        WA / QLD

        7-12 business days
        Unable to ship

        Light Bulky / Fragile smaller parcels


        9-14 business days

        Bulky / Heavy Cartons (per carton)


        9-14 business days
        Unable to ship
        In some instances, the costs to ship to regional zones can mean the addition of $40 to the estimation.


        2.5. Free Shipping Exclusions

        • Free shipping does not apply where objects are heavy, fragile or bulky, even if they exceed the $150 threshold. This is always clearly laid out in the product page of any product that does not qualify for free shipping. In these cases we will contact you after your order is placed to discuss additional shipping charges if we have not discussed them beforehand.

        • What is a heavy item? A heavy item is anything that weighs more than 5kg on its own.

        • What is considered a bulky item? A bulky item is anything that cannot be packed into a cubic box measuring 50 x 50 x 50cm on its own taking into account additional packaging. This includes lightweight objects weighing less than 10kg. If your complete order exceeds $220 and contains both bulky and other smaller items, the exclusion only applies to the bulky item. Other items will qualify for free shipping.

        • What is a fragile item? These are items that we fear may break during transit and not only will need to be insured against damage during transit but also require extra packaging (larger box, bubble wrap, foam beads etc) to ensure it arrives to you safely. These extra precautions lend themselves to higher freight and handling charges.