About Offshoot Botanica

Initially existing as an Indoor Green subcategory within Simple Form's design store, Offshoot Botanica was established in 2020 as a way to foster and share our passion for nature and plants in an independent space.

Now our forever plant home, Offshoot is a little plant studio located at 86 Charles Street in Melbourne's inner west suburb of Seddon, and situated across the road from our mother store.




Offshoot offers a carefully curated and considered collection of indoor plants and botanical accessories with the aim of enhancing your wellbeing and bringing immense joy to your homes and interior spaces. We take great pride in collaborating with local and international makers, ceramicists and artists to bring you handmade, timeless and one of a kind pieces that you can adore always. 

Offering plant styling services, plant care support and commercial space installations for your business or home, Offshoot is here for your indoor plant needs.