Dr Greenthumbs | Liquid Fertiliser

by Dr Greenthumbs

  • Made from naturally sourced ingredients & biologically enhanced with beneficial soil bacteria! Perfect for Indoor plants, vegetable gardens and home backyards!

  • Naturally increase disease and drought resistance in your garden, without harming the environment!

  • Save money and grow healthier plants by using a premium, all in one product that takes the guess work out of caring for your garden!

  • Contains the all-natural extracts of seaweed, worm castings, compost & plant-based nutrients and growth hormones. Perfect for directly feeding plants & stimulating soil biology, releasing existing nutrients into the soil.

How to use

  • Indoor Plants and Foliage in soil - 2ml per litre of water for healthy plants. 4ml per litre of water for plants that needs a 'pick me up'.

  • Hydroponics and Soilless media - 4ml per litre of water.                                            
  • Foliar Spray – Use 1-2ml per litre of water and apply to all leaf surfaces in the evening. May stain some surfaces.

NPK 4-3-3 / 500ml

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