Asplenium nidus 'Bird's Nest Fern' 20cm

by Offshoot


Bird's Nest fern is a popular houseplant notable for its striking bright green wavy edged fronds that grow in a circular pattern forming a bowl or nest shape. This hardy plant is ideal for bathroom or kitchen as it prefers warm and humid conditions. Perfect for giving you a rainforest or tropical feel. 

Name : Asplenium Victoria
Pot Size : 20cm
Approx Size : 30cm spread

Light : Bright indirect light
Watering : Medium watering (let top layer completely dry before watering)
Pet Safe : No
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We handpick all of our plants from our wonderful growers and the plants pictured on our website is a visual representation of the plant you will receive and we will ensure the one you bring home is just as healthy and beautiful. All of our plants are fed with Growth Technology 'Foliage Focus' so they are very well fed for you to love.

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